For more than thirty years we offer comprehensive and innovative products and services in the climate-, ventilation and building technology industry. From a single modular item in a residence to large scaled commerical or industrial projects. Below an overview of services we offer.

Consultation & Services

Reduce your energy bill significantly and improve your carbon dioxide footprint with our reading-based analysis-service. Over a period of 24 hours we take data from your entire heating every 12 seconds to analyse every aspect of your installation, and to recommend solutions.

Puzzled by so much different information around a comfortable and sustainable climate? Fix an appointment for our free and objective consultation without any purchase obligation for you. Get it right before anything goes wrong.

If you plan a bigger project or require an objective official assessment, even for court. Our Publicly appointed and sworn expert services are available at any time and stage of your project. Call for further enquires or appointment, or click here for more information.


Specialised in climate technology solutions we install and maintain any air-conditioning and heating solution of any size. Regardless whether it is a mobile aircon for your room or large-scale industrial project. DIEKLIMAWELT comfort climate for everyone and everywhere.

We install and service Ventilation solutions following the German industrial norm DIN1946. Turnkey systems for all living- and working areas, such as hotels, restaurant kitchens, public spaces, or shopping malls.

Heat exchangers are an environmentally friendly and effective way to use energy without the need for fossil fuels. They allow an economical and balanced use of energy for a comfort climate in many areas of life.

The average human being breathes about 22.000 times every day. Fresh and clean air is essential for a healthy life. We install and service air-purification solutions, without the use of chemicals, for your home and at work.

In many areas a humid climate is required, such as in nurseries, laboratories, zoos or even your own winter garden. Our intelligent humidification systems allow for a dedicated climate with centralised or local control.

We install and service permanent dehumidification solutions and systems in areas where high humidity has caused moulding and pest infestations, potentially destroying the substance of a room, or even building.


Only available in Germany, our camping- and barbeque gas in various sizes for your next environmentally friendly barbeque party. Either for pick-up or delivery. Please find all other information on our extra webpage by simply following the link here.

Only available in Germany, our balloon helium in various sizes and with inflator. Every party should be successful. Event Planners are welcome for our special professional packages. Please find further information in our extra webpage by simply following the link here.

Find out more about our dedicated service- and maintenance programs and routines and friendly customer service. We are committed from the first contact, throughout the installation period and the entire lifespan of your system.