Every project is divided in three different phases. Meticulously we work through ever of these three phases together with our customers to ensure that the new system will produce the desired comfortable and balanced climate. The active particiaption of our clients is an important part of our process.



From your first contact to the actual project

  • 1
    Data Collection
    Together with our customer we collect during this first phase all ideas, whishes and requirements for a project without any restrictions or limitations.
  • 2
    Once we have a clear picture of what exactly our customers require we match it with our expertise and introduce a tailored solution for evaluation and discussion.
  • 3
    Specification Book
    Together with the client we draft a specification book with detailed description of what the project requires from both sides.
  • 4
    Project Plan
    Only if everything is clear to both parties a project plan will be created as the base for a contract containing all necessary information and details together with a timeline for completion and handover.



Installation and comissioning of your system

  • 1
    Disassembly & Removal
    In most projects we will disassemble and dispose of any existing installation in an environmentally sustainable way as part of our full service philosophy.
  • 2
    Installation & Commissioning
    Our turn-key and professionally competent installation will be followed by comprehensive testing before commissioning your system on site.
  • 3
    Training & Handover
    A complete and thorough system briefing until your are confident and fully satisifed will preceed the handover of your system to you.



Enjoy a comfortable climate

  • 1
    Service Routines
    Tailored to the specification of your system only, our comprehensive service packages and routines allow a smooth operation of your installation. We focus on maintenance rather than repair.
  • 2
    24/7 Hotline
    Our Hotline is available around the clock and on every day of the year, even on Sundays and on public holidays. At no time are you alone with any unforseen situation that may occur with your system.
  • 3
    Repair Service
    Throughout the lifespan of your system we offer our fast and efficient on-site repair service. Simply call and one of our competent engineers is on the way to you.