The group

A balanced climate is a global challenge which requires local solutions and approaches. DIEKLIMAWELT International is group of independent local companies, sharing their expertise and services in a network, to offer the best possible solution for its customers, meeting all local requirements.




H&F Klimatechnik AG

The headquarter of DIEKLIMAWELT International and home to our Swiss branch for turnkey solutions in the climate-, ventilation and buildings technology sector.


DIEKLIMAWELT Hörtner & Fischer GmbH

Our main company in Germany, located in the city of Konstanz. Turnkey solutions in the climate-, ventliation and building technology.

H&F Kundendienst und Service GmbH

Specialized in customer service and maintenance routines for the smooth operation of any system around the clock.

Camping & Grillgas Konstanz

A special service for our customers in Germany through the Hörtner & Fischer GmbH DIEKLIMAWELT. Grill- and Campinggas delivered to your doorsteps.

IBEG Ingenieurbüro Christian Eger

Publicly appointed sworn expert services. Expert assessments and project planning through our independent engineer and expert office IBEG at two different locations in Germany.



The youngest member in DIEKLIMAWELT group. Our independant entity at the Adriatic Sea. Located in Herzeg Novi, catering for the local requirements and climate.

comfort climate for everyone and everywhere