During the Corona Pandemic it became obvious, that we need to prepare our environments for clean and virus free air. This is possible with new technologies and products available now. Special circulating air modules with UV-C and Plasma, Clean UV-C desinfected air and surfaces are among the solutions for commercial and residential applications.

"Living with the corona virus is something we need to get used to and to be prepared for no matter where we are."

The Coronavirus will stay with us longer than anticipated and always requires us to accept the future with the presence of potential viruses. We may no longer be able to operate at work and in our private lives as we have done before and need to prepare for the time ahead of us.

DIEKLIMAWELT International offers now products and technologies allowing virus free air and surroundings in any environment. Be it at work, in public areas or at home. Please download the brochures above for further information on these new applications or call us.

Only until 31. August 2021

German Government Funding Program with Bridging Aid III
Funding up to € 20.000,00 for our eligible products and services.
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A simple to install retrofit set for existing wall mounted air conditioner, to treat air through UV-desinfection each time used and condaminated air passes through the system, turning your aircon into an effective air cleaner.

Warm and condaminated air will be sucked in and sent through the cooling unit where UV-C light cleans the air making it to 99,9 % free from viruses, bacteria. fungus and odoers, for a clean and safe climate.

"An easy way to keep your house or office virus-free."

What is UV-C

UV-C is part of the light spectrum , that could be used to clean water and to desinfect air- and surfaces. To ensure germs are killed, UV-C lamps and not just UV-lamps must have a wave length of 100 to 280nm.